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Combating Weeds

Yesterday we began our annual application of a pre-emergence herbicide to the golf course.  We are applying the product as a granular application that does not have any fertility.  Our goal is to have the product on the ground and activated prior to weed germination.  The product becomes active once it is adequately watered into the soil either by rainfall or irrigation.  We use soil temperatures as a baseline for timing.  A soil temperature between 50-60 degrees is our target.

We bulk spread the majority of the product using a tractor and a large spreader.  Areas around tees and greens will be done with push spreaders where a large vehicle would do damage and more accurate applications are needed.

The foam that you see on the course comes from a device mounted on the front of the tractor to help us identify where the product has been applied, reducing the chances of overlaps and skips. 

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