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Driving Range Tee

One hot topic this spring has been the driving range tee.  Our range tee is about 8500 sq ft, each tee deck being 2800 sq ft.  When the course was built, practicing on the range was not as popular as it is today.  We simply have a small range tee with no room for expansion.  Today's range tees are usually built to be around an acre, 43,650sq ft.  Our goal is to provide the best hitting conditions on the range tee and at times that means hitting on the mats.  The bermudagrass on the tees only has the ability to recover 5-6 months out of the year.  During the other months the scars left behind do not heal.  We do overseed the tees in the fall with ryegrass.  This gives us a better appearance during the winter and spring.  However, ryegrass does not give us recovery as does the bermudagrass.  Right now we are analyzing the condition of the tee decks and deciding our next move.  Our current options are to re-sod them or grow them back in.  Both options require us to close and hit off mats for a few weeks.


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