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Golf Club Atlas

We all know that the Hendersonville Country Club is a special place.  For the most part,  the golf course has stayed true to the day it was built by Donald Ross´╗┐.  One of our members, who follows this blog, sent me some quotes put on the discussion board from Golf Club Atlashttp://www.golfclubatlas.com/  With the work we have put into restoring some of our greens, this is perfect timing.

Hendersonville is by the way one of Ross' best sets of preserved greens I have ever seen along side OH on Cape Cod. 

The greens are some of the best original Ross greens in NC, all 18 are still nin existance  The topography has great variety with some heavy contour and articulation in the landing areas.  Most of the bunkers are still intact, I remember seeing remnants of filled in bunkers and a few added bunkers.  The greens are very special and the course is definitely worth a look. 

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