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Driving Range Tee Update

A quick update on the status of the driving range tee.  In a recent post, I explained that due to the size of our teeing space and the excessive wear on the turf, we had two options for maintaining quality turf.  Our options were to sod the tees or grow them back in, both requiring a period of time for players to hit exclusively off the mats.  We have made the decision to grow them back in. 

During this period of time our staff will be applying sand to smooth out old divots and applying extra fertility to accelerate recovery.  The first step in this process was to eliminate the ryegrass that the tees were overseeded with.  We used a selective herbicide that would not harm the bermudagrass.  We also applied the herbicide to the areas surrounding the tees that were contaminated with clumps of ryegrass, poa annua, and a few weeds.  So far, we are happy with the results we are seeing.


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