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Process Compleated


We are happy to report that scheduled major cultural practices to the greens are completed for the spring!  The core aerification and DryJect process went extremely smooth.  The weather was perfect and our staff performed above capacity.  They worked long hours, handled thousands of pounds of material, and ate plenty of pizza. 

Tuesday was our aerification day.  After we aerified, topdressed, and drug the sand into the holes on the greens, we began the process of the DryJect early Wednesday morning.  We contracted DryJect Carolinas to DryJect our greens. The DryJect utilizes a high-speed, water based injection of sand into the subsurface of the greens. Once the sand enters the green the channel opens up, penetrates up to 6” deep, and creates what looks like a tornado type of penetration inside the green.  Between the aerification and the Dry Ject, we dumped 75 tons of sand into our greens.

The goals for our aerifcation and Dry Ject were to remove as much of the top organic material as possible, give our roots oxygen to breath, create a gas exchange, relieve compaction, and create sand channels to increase the infiltration rate of water.  I think we achieved them.


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