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Exciting news!


The word is out on the street, but I felt we needed an "official" announcement.  The Board of Directors has approved a great project for the golf course.  The main focus of this project will be removing all the contaminated turf (turkey heads) around each green.  Since my first visit to the golf course as a prospective candidate for the Superintendents job, I heard about this annoyance and the memberships desire to eliminate the problem.  The time has come.  We will beginning the project next week Tuesday, May 8th.  Medalist Golf out of Georgia will be the contractor.  I have prior experience with Medalist having built The Hasentree Club with them.  The project will also include; improving the surface drainage of the greens and repairing various bunker edges and slopes.
The golf course will NOT close for this project.  Our goal is to work on 2-3 green complexs' at a time and last about a day per section.  This is a very exciting project and step forward for the Club.  Numerous members of the Club and staff have been instrumental in its planning and execution.  A big "thank you" to the Board of Directors for their support and commitment to the golf course!


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