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A nice edge

The work that we did this spring around the golf course is really looking great.  The weather has been perfect for maturing all of the sod that was put down.  We have inherited some additional detail work, which is o.k.  A major goal of our is protecting the investment of the Club.  One item is keeping the definition of turf between the greens and the collars.  The greens are poa annua/bentgrass and the collars are bermudagrass.  The bermudagrass can begin to creep and contaminate the greens if we do not suppress it.  Now is the time of the year that we can do this mechanically, and in the spring and fall we will use chemical measures.  A stick edger is being used to cut the stolons of the bermuda before it tacks down.  During the active growing season this practice is performed monthly.

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