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Soil Management

Fall on the golf course is a busy time even though turf growth has drastically slowed down.  Preparing the course for winter, copious amounts of leaves, and getting started on projects begin to take up our time.  I did take a few days off to fish for brown trout on the Owyhee River in Eastern Oregon.  Huge fish and great weather!
Two years ago we applied lime to the golf course and the results have been fantastic.  Soil tests indicated that our soils were holding a lot of nutrition that was unavailable to the plant, and the pH of our soil was low.  pH is the most commonly measured property of soil.  It measures the acidity or alkalinity of soil.  pH numbers range from 4 to 10 with 4 being acidic, 10 being alkalinic, and 7 being neutral.  The ideal number we are looking to achieve, based on our soil type, is 5.5-6.5.  The benefits of a correct pH are numerous and can include; increased plant and root function and microbiological activity. 
The best way for us to gauge the effectiveness of these applications came this summer.  As our soils became more balanced, bound up nutrition became available to the plant and we decreased our applications of fertility.  The plant was using what the soil was giving it.
If you fish, add this river to your list.  Remote, uncrowded, and holds monster browns
The application process
A fresh dusting of lime!

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