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An update

Our staff is sliding into the off season, and we have begun tackling a laundry list of projects.  We are hoping for another winter similar to last but Mother Natures signs seem to be suggesting something else...
Quick couplers are basically a convenient way to access water from our irrigation system, similar to a spigot at your house.  Here they are located around our greens and what we hook into to handwater greens during the summer.  At the end of our hoses is a "key" that fits inside the quick coupler and when the "key" is turned a valve opens allowing water to be accessed.  Typically, quick couplers are installed with stabilizers which keep them secure and safe to operate.  Many of our are loose like the tooth of an elementary student.  I recently saw a video on TurfNet, a Superintendent web site, that showed an inexpensive way of stabilizing a quick coupler.  Just what I was looking for.  Since then we have been using the technique from the video here at the club.  
We're also going throughout the golf course leveling irrigation heads.  Over time they have settled creating haphazard water distribution.
Many golf course accessories have been brought in for the winter.  Some winter accessories have been put out during the off season including, flags, flag sticks, and tee markers.

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